All Vegan, mostly Organic and Local Tandem Bike Towed Food Cart In Portland, Oregon.

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(Update: We Did It!) Help to KickStart our Vegan food cart!

UPDATE: We surpassed our goal, thank you so much everyone! Our dreams are coming true!

About this project

Tandem Treats! will be a tandem-bike towed Vegan food cart in Portland, Oregon.

We want to feed our community with as little environmental impact as possible. All of our ingredients will be locally sourced, organic or gmo-free, and Vegan, of course!

Our menu will include; hot dogs, chili, nachos, sushi, kombucha, and buffalo-ranch pizza. We will also have gluten-free buns!

Tandem Treats!, pulled around by Cicada and Rocks, will be in Southeast Portland 4 days a week and at local events around town, offering Vegan options to omnivores and herbivores alike. We are chefs and Animal Rights activists with a plan to win over the world with delicious Vegan food.

With proceeds from this food cart, our goal is to someday open an Animal Sanctuary.

Thank you for your support!