All Vegan, mostly Organic and Local Tandem Bike Towed Food Cart In Portland, Oregon.

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Happy Hearts Animal Sanctuary

This is 10% of our sales so far. It may not be much, but with it we made our first deposit into a savings account specifically for our future goal of opening up “Happy Hearts Animal Sanctuary”. Thank you everyone for your support so far!

We recently went to the coast to celebrate and decided to make a Happy Hearts Sanctuary sand castle.



Article About Tandem Treats On Vegansaurus!!!

There was an article written about the cart on Vegansaurus!


Check it out, Kickstarter-watchers, Tandem Treats! is a-comin’!

I love tandem bicycles. What is it about them? I wish I could buy everything from people on a tandem! Like, insurance! And … dignity! JK, that’s overpriced. But insurance, for sure.