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Baby Steps and Big Changes!

Rocks using the sink at Portobello Vegan Trattoria for the first time!

Hello, there! We are slowly inching our way towards opening Tandem Treats! We are busy and EXCITED! We just had our very first day at the Portobello kitchen.

Cicada making our very first batch of dough!

After much consideration, and a little insider insight, we’ve decided to scale back our menu, simplify and perfect a few quality menu items. Our new menu will include; veggie dogs, with all the fixins to make chili cheese dogs, kraut dogs and many more PLUS we will offer a small variety of vegan calzones; buffalo tofu w/ranch dipping sauce, traditional w/ marinara dipping sauce, sweet potato, kale, tempeh bacon calzone w/ blue cheese dipping sauce, and a sweet apple pie calzone. 

We are also in the process of getting a brand new custom bicycle cart/trailer in one. The old cart ended up being too heavy and we had some logistical problems with the trailer. Luckily, we were able to start from scratch!

We are letterpressing the recipe cards and sending them out soon. You’ll be hearing from us to get more info from you as well.

So soon! We can almost taste it!!!

Rocks & Cicada, Tandem Treats


Article About Tandem Treats On Vegansaurus!!!

There was an article written about the cart on Vegansaurus!


Check it out, Kickstarter-watchers, Tandem Treats! is a-comin’!

I love tandem bicycles. What is it about them? I wish I could buy everything from people on a tandem! Like, insurance! And … dignity! JK, that’s overpriced. But insurance, for sure.